Kim Kardashian Plans to dump Kanye West For always moody?

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Insiders claim Kim Kardashian is bored to death with her marriage to Kanye West…

Kim Kardashian

Curled from Star Magazine

“Life with Kanye has been tough, to mention the least, and Kim has reached her limit,”spills an insider, pointing to the rapper’s psychotic rages, pill addiction and delusions of grandeur – not to mention his refusal to assist out with their children, North, 4, Saint, 2, and Chicago, UN agency was born via surrogate.

“Kim looks like she’s perpetually there for Kanye and it’s ne’er the other way around,” sighs the source. “She has enough on her plate and wonders if life would just be easier without his drama….”

[March 19, 2018 Print Edition]

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