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“I have no interest in your husband.” American woman Anita Brown, who claims to be carrying Davido’s child, states (on video), “I had no idea she was pregnant.”

Anita Brown

The American woman who claims to be pregnant by Davido, Anita Brown, claims that she is unaware of Chioma’s pregnancy.

Anita made a video explaining why she doesn’t want Davido and posted it online. Some Nigerians took to her page to shame her for trying to ruin Davido’s relationship with Chioma, calling her “wicked” for making her pregnancy public while Chioma is also supposedly expecting.

Anita, in response to the criticism, declared;

"Leave me alone, God cares about me." My faith in God is strong. I have a complete understanding of what transpired. I don't want to be the one to break up any couples. I had no idea that home girl was pregnant. Don't want your husband, baby; may God bless you. I am not someone who...

She provided proof of a bank transfer as well as a screenshot of an alleged phone call from Davido.

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