Mama No Network actress marries her longtime boyfriend (Video).


Kudirat Abeniade, better known by her stage name Mama No Network in Nollywood, recently tied the knot.

The dramatic Yoruba actress and her new husband were filmed performing Islamic marriage rituals, which she shared on her Instagram account.

In the video, Mama No Network and her husband can be seen exchanging rings and kissing in front of their cheering friends and family.

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The ability to deeply love someone, and to have that love returned, is a powerful combination.

Actress Mama No Network’s reveal of a mystery man has fans baffled.

A few days ago, Mama No Network baffled some of her Instagram followers by posting a video of a mysterious man.

The actress, who often portrays a deaf character in her films, posted a video of herself and her husband dancing on Instagram, but Mama No Network didn’t make it clear that the man in the clip is actually her husband.

Joy is without cost… In the photo’s caption, she wished everyone a pleasant weekend.

Her husband’s youthful looks and the fact that she rarely promotes him led many to believe he was actually her son.

The words “Moma and son” were written by Ramzie Williams.

“Which kind confusion be this one now, someone should just tell us if the man is her husband or son,” wrote one Fasola Victoria Oluwaseyi. Since I was a kid, I’ve been under the impression that Lanko Omooba Dubai is her husband.

The internet goes wild after Mama No Network celebrates Father’s Day by revealing her husband.

Mama No Network’s reveal of her husband last year caused quite a stir on the internet.

The dramatic actress posted a clip of her and her husband making silly driving gestures. She included a heartfelt Father’s Day message with her post.

To her king and to all fathers everywhere, she wished, “Happy Father’s Days.”

Many kind comments followed this post, expressing best wishes to the actress and her husband.

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