Watch the shocking moment 12-yr-old girl jumped from four-storey building to flee from a se.x attacker and survived (Watch Video)

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This alarming video captures the shocking moment a 12-year-old lady jumped from a four-storey building to flee from a se.x wrongdoer on the outskirts of urban center, India.

In the video, the little lady was first seen sitting on top of the building, before she then jumped and fell into a makeshift safety net made up of cloth below.

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According to Mail online report, the youngster’ was saved by rickshaw workers who noticed her on the building, and used cloth they said they were using to work to make a safety net for a girl to jump on.

She jumped to safety but broke a bone in her back as she landed.

The young lady is claimed to be recovering in hospital from her injuries.

Confirming the incident, a police inspector told her rescuers that the girl had reported that her jump was a desperate bid to flee from the clutches of the man.’

He also added that that the Police are searching the suspect, who is facing assault and kidnapping charges.

Watch the video below.

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