Miley Cyrus Sued for $300M for infringement

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The lawsuit, filed Tuesday, claims the singer’s “We can’t Stop” single borrowed from Flourgon’s 1988 song.

Jamaican artist Flourgon has sued Miley Cyrus and Sony Music over the singer’s 2013 song, “We cannot Stop.” The lawsuit, filed Tuesday in new york town, claims Cyrus’ megahit borrows from Flourgon’s 1988 song “We Run Things.”

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On her song, Cyrus sings: “We run things, things do not run we.” Flourgon’s song includes virtually a similar line, “We run things, things no run we have a tendency to.”

Flourgon’s real name is Michael may. The lawsuit, that seeks $300 million in damages, also names RCA Records, that is a Sony label, and mike can Made-It, who created and co-wrote “We can’t Stop.”

Cyrus’ song became a world multiplatinum hit, giving her an official pop star breakthrough. The song reached No. 2 on the billboard Hot 100 chart.

A representative for the defendants did not directly come back an email seeking comment.

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  1. Miley Cyrus I can’t believe someone if I going to get you back after all these years what did you do I thought you were better than this come on sister good friend of yours you got to watch your backs up he was still money left in right by suing because they don’t have no money all day and think you did something wrong stealing robbing and Sewer people just for money rich and what they are please be careful


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