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Cesc Fabregas has announced his retirement from football.

Fabregas Retirement

Cesc Fabregas, who played for Barcelona and Chelsea in the past, has stated that he would no longer participate in football.

The news was disclosed by Fabregas in the form of a statement that was published on his Twitter page.

It is with great sadness that I must announce that the time has come for me to hang up my playing boots,” he added in his statement.

“From my first days at Barca, Arsenal, and Barca again, Chelsea, Monaco, and Como, I will treasure them all,” he said. “I will also treasure the times I spent at Como.” It has been a trip that I will never forget because of the many accomplishments along the way, including hoisting the World Cup and the Euros, as well as winning everything in England and Spain and practically all of the European titles.

“Everyone who has assisted me in any way, including my fellow players, coaches, directors, presidents, owners, fans, and my agent.” I am grateful to everyone in my family, from my parents and sister to my wife and children, for the wisdom, experience, and instruction that I have received from each of you.

“I want to say thank you to everyone who tried to take me down because you helped me become stronger. Because of all of the wonderful experiences I’ve had and the wonderful people I’ve met along the road, it has already been more than worth it. In addition, I’ve picked up three new languages, been more compassionate, and matured as a result of my travels. I have lived through things that I would not have believed in a million years that I would ever come near to.

Fabregas has let it be known that he intends to begin a new chapter in his football career by transitioning into teaching.

He explained, “However, it’s not all sadness as I’m now going to cross the white line and start coaching the B and Primavera teams of Como 1907.” A group activity and a venture that I am looking forward to working on very much. This charming football squad immediately won my heart, and they came to me at the best time in my career to coach them. I’m going to take hold of it with both of my hands.

“Therefore, after an extraordinary twenty years that have been filled with self-sacrifice, commitment, and happiness, it is time to say thank you and farewell to the beautiful game. I cherished each and every second. Cesc”

As a professional footballer, Fabregas has played for several teams, including Arsenal, Barcelona, Chelsea, Monaco, and Como. Additionally, he was a member of the Spanish national team, for which he won multiple accolades, including the FIFA World Cup in 2010.

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