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Anita loses her cool as Peruzzi refers to her as the “devil” and says that “His noble “wife” slept with his friend, Perruzzi.”


Anita Brown, an American businesswoman, has made accusations against Chioma, the wife of Nigerian artist Davido, just a few hours after Peruzzi referred to her as the devil. Brown claims that she is pregnant by Davido, who is married to Chioma.

Anita, who appeared unmoved by the insults and drags she received from internet users, has ramped up her rants and challenged Davido’s marriage as well as the integrity of their relationship.

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She accused Peruzzi of having an affair with Chioma and further suggested that Chioma may have also had an affair with Davido’s cousin Clark Adeleke because he has also been harassing her to come see him. She also accused Peruzzi of having an affair with Chioma.

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She had written;

“That on-again, off-again relationship doesn’t impress me at all! Where HIS illustrious “wife” had sex with his companion! “Peruzzi”

Make some noise! Please take a seat.
You can’t say that I slept with anyone that man knows well or is friends with since that would be false. Goodbye! And each and every friend, even members of my family, has been in my direct message!
Given that he was experimenting with us both, it wouldn’t shock me if she had a one-night stand with Clarks Adeleke behind my back. pleading with me to get an abortion so that he could take me to see him in his country. § § NASTY WORK!
There is nothing except sexual misconduct and laziness taking place over there! DISGUSTING

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty of how we BOTH (Chioma) have been handling life since 2017.
She joined us at the table while we were having a good time at Nikki beach in Dubai, smoking hookah and chilling out.
You were OUTSIDE OUTSIDE the building! You were nothing but a SIDECHICK! SHE stole him from another woman who was caring for her baby!
Then why do you guys do pressed?!?
Put an end to that sham marriage already!

They dishonored the name of God!

Marriage for the sake of financial gain, marriage in accordance with traditional customs, and marriage in which the spouse has no intention of committing himself are all examples of bad marriages.




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