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I pray that Amadioha strikes any potential suitors for my daughter who could pressure her into BBL-Kanayo O. Kanayo

Kanayo o kanayo

Nollywood veteran Kanayo O Kanayo has spoken out against those who choose to have Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery.

The famous actor told his audience about the disastrous outcome of a procedure that he heard about from an American friend.

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The young woman, according to Kanayo, experienced problems following the surgery and contracted a life-threatening infection.

To make matters worse, the illness began to emit a particularly offensive odor, making it impossible for her lover to sleep in the same room.

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Only a few short days later, the young woman sadly passed away.

The actor was so appalled that he vowed to curse his daughter’s future lover if he ever thought she should go through something like this.

Asserting that the treatment is not worthwhile, he questioned why anyone would expose themselves to such suffering for the sake of beauty.

Kanayo asked, rhetorically, “If bum enlargement were truly profitable, why wouldn’t husbands provide financial support for their wives to undergo the procedure?”

He drew a parallel between the prevalence of butt enhancement and the low success rate of romantic relationships in high school (just 3% of such pairings end in marriage).

Tragically, many women who have such surgeries do not end up as wives.

explanatory note “If Bum Bum enlargement was profitable, then spouses would be paying for it themselves. Growing a bigger bottom is like a high school romance that only 3% of the time ends in marriage. Many women’s Bum experiences don’t lead to marriage.

Below are some responses:

The husband, santus_chibueze, says, “My wife was born into a serious deeper life family, and her ears weren’t opened from birth.” That’s how we decided to be married. Two years after the birth of our first daughter, my wife finally heard the world through her newly opened ears in the same hospital where we had our second child. When I was working abroad, she called me on video chat to prove that she could now hear me. I never pushed her or prompted her to do anything against her will. Each time she asked if I minded if she wore her hearing aids, I always assured her it didn’t make a difference to me because if it did, I never would have dated or married her. Simply put, if he doesn’t like you for who you are, send him to go embrace a transformer.

Husbands will always look out for their wives’ best interests, or kotokorchi. Side chicks have my deepest sympathies. I appreciate it, sir.

Mr. Darcy Big Boy Keaton said, “It’s not only boyfriends that pays for it oh, Bob took the risk of paying for himself to do it instead of spending such on a girl, what a brave guy.”

“Fear no go even allow me to tell uloaku to do yash knowing fully well who the father is,” the kencherishcomedy character said. In a nutshell, my life is great.

Laugh out loud: “Husbands actually pay for wife enlargement these days, o. Sure enough, they do. Ike gwuru”

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