As the saying goes, “See you in court” Reactions to Bobrisky’s gender transition cause waves of emotion.


Idris Okuneye, better known by his crossdressing name Bobrisky, is a Nigerian crossdresser.

Just now, the crossdresser announced the news on Instagram.

He challenged the millions of his followers to take notice of his gender transition.

I can now say, “I am a woman.”

Pay attention now. In other words, skeptics can kiss my ass.

However, his supporters mocked him in the comments section.

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Some mothers, especially those hoping for a son, may be praying for their unborn children’s sex to be preserved in the womb, as was noted by China Emerenweke. The kid went outside to make the adjustment by himself.

“Na every Eke market days u dey officially become a woman,” one Ogo Chukwuu wrote.

Only you go just dae follow yourself argue that you are a woman every day,” wrote one Grace Erhunse. Thank God

That’s your burden to bear,” Yesi Amnastyyy wrote.

Someone from Badgyaltio asked, “You were a man the whole time?”

“See u in court soon as u nor one refund…,” an MC named Warriboy warned. I’m a woman by legal definition, but I’ve been keeping the Toto a secret.

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Bobrisky says, “I’m not afraid of court; I’ve had many surgeries that have made me into a complete woman.”

You may remember that Bobrisky made a boastful post on IG last year after the House of Representatives took a step toward banning cross-dressing in the country in response to a new bill proposed by member of the house Umar Muda.

Bobrisky has made it clear that he has undergone extensive surgery to become a woman.

Internet celebrity Idris Okuneye has stated that he will not be intimidated by legal proceedings should the bill pass.

I am a woman, not a crossdresser. So many of my surgeries, including Lipo, boobs, etc., are permanent and cannot be undone. Bobrisky wrote, “When the time comes, even the court itself will confirm for me that I am now a female.

More surgeries were in his future, he said. Wherever a crossdresser goes, naysayers follow. Every time I have surgery, I get a full report from all of my doctors.

The Nigerians, Bobrisky says, will soon believe he is a woman.

The crossdresser went on to describe the steps he plans to take to convince people in Nigeria that he really is a woman.

Bobrisky claimed that he would have to spread his private part on the air in order to convince Nigerians of his gender, a point he made repeatedly to emphasize the uniqueness of the debate in that country.

Only in Nigeria, he claimed, would anyone argue about his or her gender. Some people still don’t believe me when I say I’m a girl. Before una believe’ until I spread my kpekus on air.

Bobrisky goes to extreme lengths to establish his gender identity because his cramps won’t let him be.

As he worried about getting cramps, the male Barbie had gone above and beyond to prove his gender.

Bobrisky posted on Instagram that his excessive sugar intake has caused him to have camps.

I’ve been eating so many sweets lately that my cramps won’t let me work, he complained in a journal entry.

Menstrual cramps are pains in a woman’s lower abdomen that occur before, during, and sometimes after her period.

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