Actress Monalisa Stephen claims they had 27 s3x encounters in a single day.


Monalisa Stephen, a curvy Nollywood actress, recently revealed some shocking information about her sxual adventures with her boyfriend.

Monalisa revealed that her boyfriend once had s3x with her 27 times in one day on the latest episode of ‘Love or Lies’ with popular YouTuber Korty EO.

She claims that they had their s3xual encounters in various rooms throughout the house. She mentioned that they took a break to watch some movies before continuing.

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She claimed that the outrageous sexual encounter at her boyfriend’s home had occurred only once.

Many internet users expressed shock at her confession, but others were less affected.

The curvy actress has a history of shocking the public with details of her sexual exploits with her boyfriend.

According to our NEWS DESK’s reporting, Monalisa Stephen earlier this year made headlines when she claimed that her boyfriend had s3x with her while she was menstruating.

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