Tekashi 69’s 200K to the No Kid Hungry Foundation was rejected; he responds


Tekashi 69 may have avoided the full temperature of the hot water his troublemaking landed him in, but now his rabble rousing ways have begun to taint everything he tries to do — even the good stuff.

 TMZ reports that the rainbow-haired, 23-year-old semi-professional Instagram troll tried to use his hard-won earnings — in the neighborhood of $2 million, thanks to the “Gooba” merchandise flying off of his online store’s digital shelves — to help others, only to get his charitable efforts rebuffed by the nonprofit he attempted to donate to.

According to TMZ’s sources, 69 planned to send $200,000 to No Kid Hungry, a nonprofit working to end child hunger through meal programs, education, and policy promotion. Naturally, No Kid Hungry is also working hard to provide COVID-19 relief, as free school lunches aren’t being served, restaurants are closed down, and food supply chains are being disrupted by the spread of the coronavirus and efforts to combat it.

However, No Kid Hungry decided that Tekashi’s antics would reflect poorly on the organization if they were to accept his funds and subtly admonished him to be a better role model in a statement: “We are grateful for Mr. Hernandez’s generous offer to donate to No Kid Hungry but we have informed his representatives that we have declined this donation,” it reads. “As a child-focused campaign, it is our policy to decline funding from donors whose activities do not align with our mission and values.”

Tekashi, who returned right back to his trolling ways almost immediately upon his early release from prison, could stand to clean up his image, but from everything we’ve seen, it doesn’t seem all that likely — which is a shame, because that money could have helped a lot of people in need. At least now Tekashi can start paying back some of the massive debts he while in prison.

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