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Nigeria Police reject ranking as world’s worst

The Federal Republic of Nigeria police has gunned down the newest ranking by The International Police Association and also the Institute for political economy and Peace, that puts it at rock bottom of the world police formations.

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The 2016 World Internal Security and Police Index (WISPI) attributable to the 2 organisations, rated the Nigerian police the worst in the world. The ranking measured the power of the Police to handle Internal Security problems in 127 Countries in four key areas of capability, Process, Legitimacy and Outcomes.

The ranking showed that Federal Republic of Nigeria under-performed on all four domains, with a score of 0.255.

But in a very statement nowadays, the NPF trashed the assessment as unempirical and instead declared itself one in all the most effective within the world.

“Nigeria police is the best in United Nations Peace Keeping Operations, Best in Africa, one of the most effective in the World. The Force rejects the report as unempirical and absolute falsehood, ought to be unnoticed and discountenanced”, said the police in a very preface to their statement of objection to the report .

“The Nigeria force after a careful study of the report and also the news things emanating from it, desires to state flatly that the report is entirely dishonorable, a transparent falsity of facts and figures and basically unempirical, considering the world of coverage of the report that was said to have been distributed in 2016 by the above mentioned associations.

“The report didn’t take into knowing the numerous improvement within the areas of capability Building, training and Re-training of the complete personnel of the Force as provided for by the present centralized of Nigeria and different Foreign and native NGOs that has greatly improved the potency and service delivery of the personnel of the Force throughout the country.

“It is pertinent to state that the instruments wont to measure the performance of the Force vis-à-vis that of different countries is completely incorrect and grossly inadequate and so an obvious distortion of facts and figures. The strength of regarding three hundred and Seventy Thousand (370,000) Police Personnel within the country stands at around One (1) police officer to less than six hundred (600) individuals in an exceedingly population estimates of one Hundred and Eighty Millions (180,000,000) Nigerians.

“It is equally important to state that this achievement of extra ten Thousand (10,000) Police Personnel into the Force by the federal government of Nigeria and also the request by the inspector general of Police to Government for approval of the enlisting of Thirty One Thousand (31,000) Police Personnel yearly for a amount of 5years will certainly increase the strength of the Force to fulfill up with the United Nations quantitative relation of one (1) police officer to Four Hundred (400) citizens.

“Furthermore, within the United Nations Peace Keeping System, the Nigeria police is rated as the best in UN Peace keeping operations within the world. This clearly shows that the Nigeria police isn’t and can’t be the worst within the world underneath any best-known scientific yardstick or measuring system.

“Currently, the Nigeria police is one among the sole two African Delegates representing the entire of Africa continent on the executive committee of Interpol, a foothold the Force earned based on high performance, advantage and sustained smart track records.

“For rejection of doubt, since the origin of the current Police administration in July 2016, the inspector general of Police, IGP Ibrahim K. Idris NPM, mni, he has introduced and enforced various internal reforms aimed toward rising capability building and economical service delivery of the personnel of the Force, that is yielding positive ends up in the standardisation of the potential of the Nigeria police to manage violent crimes and act of terrorism throughout the country. The institution and take-off of a world category act of terrorism Investigation Bureau for the Force with progressive equipment and technical support from foreign partners has greatly improved the capability of the Force to deal with threats expose to internal security during this regard.

“However, it should be detected that the Nigeria police sees the report as a transparent demonstration of mischief, content and calculated plan to distort the accomplishment being recorded by the Force in making certain adequate security and safety of Nigerians. obscurity within the report were references created to either the improved capability or achievements recorded by the Nigeria police across the country within the recent time, the Force thus implores all Nigerians and international community to disregard the report as baseless and dishonorable.”

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Written by Editorial Staff

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