Tragic: Man gave away kidney to his girlfriend’s mama only for her to marry someone else a month later

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A man gave his kidney to his girlfriend’s mama but the gal ended up marrying someone else a month later.

Uziel Martínez, a schoolteacher from Mexico, made a series of videos relating the sad experience.
The habitant of Baja California, Mexico, took to TikTok to describe how he gave his kidney to hisex-girlfriend’s mama.
His girlfriend left him not long later and married someone else within a month of their break-up.

Martinez’s videotape has now gone viral as people sympathise with him.

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responding to the messages of support he received, he assured people that he’s doing well, both mentally and physically. He added that he’s also recovering well from a kidney transplant.
He claimed that he doesn’t hold any grudge against hisex-girlfriend despite the heartache.

He told Mexico Daily News”I do n’t have anything against her … we ’re not friends but we do n’t hate each other. I only made the videotape for TikTok, I did n’t think it would get out of control”.

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