Most controversial messages by MummyG.O,the Hell- preaching Evangelist turning Meme Star (Video)

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Funmilayo Adebayo, an evangelist nicknamed MummyG.O, is now making surges on social media.

The Nigerian clergy came rather prominent after several clips of her controversial sermons launch their way online.

Adebayo first caught the attention of social media users in 2021 with her rendition of the song‘Kpatakpata.’

Video clips of her controversial messages have also become common place on numerous WhatsApp and Facebook updates so much so that numerous users likened her to Odumeje, the controversial Anambra- based clergyperson who went viral in 2020.

Among her viral messages is one where the clergywoman said break dancing started from the land of the dead.

“ Where did break dancing invoke from? Michael Jackson. He got power from the dead land. What’s the land of the dead? Skeleton. Skeleton isn’t for theliving.However, you ’re telling God you ’re dead,” she said, If you break cotillion.

In one of several memes, the woman said boys who give girls money in 2022 will be “ giving away their glory”.

Also, the clergywoman claimed in another videotape that the US- based company Walt Disney projects the number 666 in the design of its name — with 666 being the biblical mark of the Antichrist as widely held by Christians.

On the COVID-19 vaccine, she said in another videotape that those who take the vaccine should never anticipate heaven.

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