Bizarre moment lady is seen on plane drying her panties with the overhead air vent on packed aeroplane

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Lol. New day, new craze. a lady was recorded drying her underwear on an airplane by holding them near the air vent on top of her head.

The woman, who was onboard an Ural Airlines, was seen in the video waving the black and white pants high above the heads of her fellow travelers as she spent about 20 minutes drying them out. The flight she was on was going from antalya, in southern Turkey on the way to the Russian capital of Moscow.

Fellow passengers on the plane said the lady wasn’t embarrassed as she moved her panties around beneath the vent to dry them.

One anonymous eyewitness said: “Everybody was looking with interest and confusion, however everyone remained silent.”

The video recorded on a passenger’s phone has sparked a lively debate when it was posted on video-sharing platforms.

Watch it below.

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