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Badmus: Attack on Gov. Adeleke should not have happened

Attack on gov Adeleke

An sad incident that could have been averted was the attack on Osun State Governor Ademola Adeleke on Wednesday at the Eid prayer venue in Osogbo.

Dr. Khamis Olatunde Badmus, the Asiwaju Musulumi of Yorubaland, Edo, and Delta, made this statement. He also extended an apology to Governor Adeleke for the misunderstanding that occurred at the Osogbo central Eid ground, which prevented him from praying the Eid-el-Kabir prayer with the rest of the Muslim Ummah.

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On Wednesday, from his media office in Osogbo, Badmus issued an apology and explained that a few of political jobbers in the city were to blame for the mistake.

It was a terrible accident that could have been prevented.

“It’s ridiculous to suggest that an attempt was made on the Governor’s life.

The governor should be given uninterrupted time to carry out his or her duties as head of state now that election season is over and real governance has begun.

I applaud the State Governor’s Special Adviser on Security, the State Director of DSS, and the State Commissioner of Police for their level-headed handling of the situation.

Instead of entrusting such a “delicate assignment” to favor-seeking politicians, Badmus urged that the Governor’s Office of Protocol handle the Governor’s sitting arrangement at occasions.

Meanwhile, Senator Ajibola Basiru, the man at the center of the tempest, claims he never saw the governor or his protocol staff at the Eid prayer field.

In response to the incident, Basiru stated that there was no sign indicating a certain seat was designated for the Governor.

“Muniru Raji insulted me and in the process worshipers surrounded me to prevent him from assaulting me at the praying ground,” he said. Since I was surrounded by people the entire time, I can’t say whether or not Governor came to the Eid. Shortly after that, I prayed while standing.

Following the prayer, one of the officers informed me that the Commissioner of Police wanted to see me; I assured him that I would meet with him and other Muslim community leaders later that day.

They insisted on yanking me from the car, but we put up a fight. We questioned if they had probable cause to make an arrest. They were told that “the embarrassing situation was caused by some overzealous supporters of the Governor.”

Basiru, who claimed he had no concerns with Governor Ademola Adeleke, insisted that the fight at the Eid prayer site was started by the governor’s ardent followers, some of whom likely had grievances with Adeleke themselves.

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